Do you want to live better?

Answer these 8 simple questions and learn how. No fees, no lies. 1. Do you want the life of human, your life, life of your loved ones and its protection to be on the first place for your country? 2. To decide freely, not on the basis of money or need ... but according to what you really want? 3. So that your protection, living, eating ... what do you really need for a safe and happy life were given to you and guaranteed as the basis of your being? 4. To have an understanding of what is going on in your homeland? Where does your money go? Without misleading or lying. Transparently and simply through the media, which will really inform you and not intimidate you? 5. To popularize that what makes you a better person? Whether in your field or as a person as such. 6. To have free education in any field you would like to develop at? 7. To be entitled to bread, water or property just like today's world elites? 8. To decide on all political issues in a way that only a few of those chosen ones on TV today? If you answered yes to all these questions, congratulations! You have joined the people who wish to live in the Creative Society. To make this society your reality as soon as possible, talk about it. That is all it takes. We need to tell everyone who would like to live in it, just like you. Send an invitation to this site to anyone who wants a better life.